Windows Reverse Proxy


JSCAPE Reverse Proxy  v.1.1

Platform independent reverse proxy server that allows your trading partners to access your data without having to open ports on your internal network or store sensitive information in the DMZ.

IQ Reverse Proxy  v.2.2

IQ Reverse Proxy (IQRP) is a secure web reverse proxy with cache, load-balancing, configurable NTLM/HTML/HTTP/1.1-digest/basic authentication and 256-bit industry strength SSL/TLS encryption, authentication,


Fastream IQ Proxy Server  v.6.5.0R

Robust and secure content/reverse proxy server solution for Windows. A filtering and caching content/transparent proxy and securing and accelerating reverse proxy with URL rewrite, GZip and SSL as well as load-balancing with smart failover.

IQ Proxy Server  v.6. 6. 2002

Fastream IQ Proxy Server is a compact, affordable and easy-to-configure proxy server software for the 32/64-bit Windows platform. Being started as a reverse proxy server, it has been extended with forward and transparent proxies.

IQ Proxy

IQ Proxy (IQP) is a robust and secure forward/reverse proxy server solution for Windows. Featuring the most scalable server engine with up to 10,000 simultaneous connections for both filtering and caching content proxy and securing and accelerating

JSCAPE MFT Gateway  v.1.5

JSCAPE MFT Gateway is a reverse proxy and load balancer for managed file transfer environments.

Fastream NETFile FTP/Web Server  v.8.5

Secure, ultra-fast FTP server and robust multithreaded Web server for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista, featuring XML-based GUI remote 2-level administration scheme, CGI/ISAPI, separate upload/download speed limits, storage quotas, dynamic DNS,

VLProxy  v.2 6

Secure Your Data, Inside and Outside of Your Network. When you're looking for an added layer of security, VLProxy is the answer.

MD5 Hash Extractor  v.2.0.1

All it does is to form a "practically unique" key of any data.

ModSecurity  v.2.6.5

ModSecurity is a web application firewall that can work either embedded or as a reverse proxy.

Yxorp  v.2.33

yxorp is a reverse proxy and application level firewall for the HTTP protocol.

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